The Big 8 Crate Review

The Big 8 Crate Review

The Big 8 Crate Review

I was approached by Becky, the owner and creator of The Big 8 Crate to see if I would be interested in doing a blog review of her allergy-friendly snack box. I said sure, anything that my followers can benefit from I am more than willing to check out and share with everyone.

The Big 8 Crate is a subscription service that sends you a monthly subscription box of allergy-friendly snacks. The Big 8 Crate comes to you FREE of the top 8 allergens found in our foods. Every box is shipped free of charge and you can get a single box shipped or sign up for a 6-12 month plan to benefit from the discount. You can also choose the size of your box, the big family box looks amazing!

My box came and I was so excited to see what it contained, it was like Christmas! Upon opening my box I was shocked at how many wonderful little goodies it contained. I love that recycled packing was also used in my box to reduce waste, I am all about that! Look at the goodies below. Immediately dug in and enjoyed one of them, or maybe more than one, you got me!

The Big 8 Crate Review

I think this is a great idea for families who are busy and don’t have time to shop for allergy-friendly snacks. It’s a great way to have a grab-and-go snack handy, I have a bin in my pantry for random snacks and these fit perfectly! The Big 8 Crate is also a great way to find your new favorite snacks! We have so much stress these days that shopping for allergy-friendly snacks shouldn’t be an additional stressor, The Big 8 Crate relieves you of that stress, so grab a box and enjoy!

Look at all of the great snacks that came in my box!

Now for the exciting part- Do you want one for FREE??!!

If you want to enter to win a FREE box of goodies from The Big 8 simply follow Gluten and Dairy Free Life and The Big 8 Crate on Instagram. A winner will be picked on June 2nd, 2022. You must follow both IG pages to win!

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