LR Burger Review

LR Burger Review

I hope you enjoy my LR Burger Review, it’s my favorite place to eat.

My favorite meal is always a great burger and fries. So naturally when I discovered LR Burger in Monroe, GA I was so excited! Before visiting I contacted them to see if they had a gluten and dairy-free bun, I was emailed back quickly and they do! When we order the cashier always makes sure the cook knows of my allergies.

LR Burger Review
This is what I get every time, its so good!

LR Burger Review

Our first trip there, we were sitting in the dining room waiting for our food, the cook came out to check on my allergies. He wanted to see if they could heat my bun on the cooktop, bonus points right of the bat! I love the care that goes into making a meal for someone who has food allergies.

LR Burger Review

Let’s talk fries, I am so picky when it comes to my fries. They can’t be too crunchy or too soft, and they must have just the right amount of salt, LR Burger does them right every time! I also love that they leave the skins on the potato, it adds an additional crunch. Oh, and they cut their own fries before they are put in the frier, no bagged fries!

The gluten-free buns are made by Pure Knead and taste very close to a regular bun. Pure Kneads buns are free of the top 8 allergens. I love the smashed beef patties, and they are always done right.

The staff is always so friendly and they check on you to see if you need anything. Today, as we were leaving a staff member, asked us if we enjoyed our meal and we did, of course. She told us about some burgers on the menu that she really liked. I love it when places are kind enough to take just a few extra minutes to talk to someone and make them feel welcome, it’s also part of the reason we keep coming back.

The ambiance here is fun and upbeat. They have an indoor and outdoor eating area. We typically sit outside in the sun but don’t worry they have a covered area outside too. I read on their Facebook page that the tables were locally made, I love when people buy locally and support small businesses.

If you’re in the area and want a great burger go check out LR Burger. You can find them at 202 East Spring St., Monroe, GA 30655 or at their web site

Happy Eats!

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2 thoughts on “LR Burger Review

    • Thank you so much! I guess if you are eating the fries it is safe to assume they have a dedicated fryer! Do you know if their pimento cheese is gf? I am excited to know I have a burger joint close to home I can eat at now! Living in Good Hope, my options are limited. Thank you again for the information!

    • Hi Lori,
      Yes, their frier is a gluten-free frier. I am not sure about the pimento cheese though. They are really helpful and will answer any questions that you have about anything on the menu. Happy eating!

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