What’s in my kitchen?

I am a gadget girl! Anything that makes cooking in the kitchen easier is at the top of my list. So, I thought I’d share with you all of the kitchen items I’m loving.

About eight years ago, my husband bought me a Vitamix Blender for Christmas. It tops the list of my kitchen gadgets. After all of these years, it’s still running as good as the first day I used it. Don’t get put off by the price compared to other brands. With its 7-year warranty and excellent customer service, it’s worth it. I use my blender to grind coffee beans, make nut butter, blend bread ingredients, create salad dressings, smoothies, and so much more!

My next go-to appliance in my KitchenAid Mixer. Such a quality mixer; easy to use and clean. I love the attachments that come with this: wire whisk, bread dough hook, and a flat beater. All attachments can go in the dishwasher, plus the mixer itself is so easy to clean.

Since we’re talking blenders and mixers, I also have a NutriBullet. I didn’t buy this on purpose…we were on our way to the beach and I forgot my Vitamix (I was on a smoothie kick), so on our drive to the beach we stopped at Kohl’s and I bought a Nutri Bullet. Little did I know that it would be an item that I use all the time. I’ve used it for salad dressings and smoothies. But I also love making chicken salad in it for my lunches. It makes a perfect consistency and is super easy to clean up.

Next up is my bread pan. I know it sounds weird, why is a bread pan her favorite? Well, when you bake gluten-free bread, it doesn’t rise as much so it’s usually flat and thin. This pan is skinnier than most, so it helps GF bread to bake taller than the wider bread pans. I’ve put this in the dishwasher with no problem. For 13 bucks, this is a fabulous deal!

I also love my KitchenAid Food Processor. It’s excellent for mixes that usually gum up in a blender and get stuck in the blades. It chops, slices, shreds, grinds, and purees almost any food. It’s easy to clean, I just pop mine in the dishwasher.

About five years ago my daughter gave me a can opener for Christmas. This has been the longest-lasting can opener I’ve owned. Previous ones all broke or died quickly, but this one has lasted and is still running great! I love that it cuts the lid off so there are no sharp edges on the can and it has an easy pushdown lever so there’s no cranking like the handheld can openers. Plus, it looks great on the counter.

My next two favorite items are both by Instant Pot. I have the Instant Pot Pressure cooker and love it so much that I just recently purchased the Instant Pot Air Fryer. They are both wonderful. I’ve had my pressure cooker for three years and have made some amazing recipes in it. All have come out great and everything is cooked perfectly. The air fryer toasts, broils, dehydrates, air fries, has a rotisserie, bakes, and reheats. 

Another must-have is one that my husband loves and obsesses over. He hates dull knives. He did a lot of research and found this chef’s knife that has been a staple in our house. It was recommended by top chefs who preferred this over the more expensive knives, so for $30, I highly recommend (and so does he)!

If you have a kitchen gadget that you love please comment below!


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